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Family "no cows"

What does a family with 4 kids do on July 14th- well of course they dress up and celebrate Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day!  Please share some of the ways you have some family fun!  Send us your selfie photos, we will post on the blog and you will have a chance of winning the same selfie stick as seen here, just drop us an email at

Now get out there and have some fun this summer!

Sahra and Zander had the opportunity to travel to South Africa and along with their passport, THE Pole was in the bag.  Check out the blog post and take a look at this amazing shot- do you see the elephants behind them?


TRAVEL- Kids are out of school and whether it be camping, day trips to the beach or a trip like Katya took to New York.. One thing that needs to be in your bag is THE Pole to help keep those priceless memories.THE Pole Selfie Stick Review

How many times do you find yourself with your beautiful baby and want to save that moment in time and there isn’t anyone to take a photo.  As a mom to four amazing children, I wish THE Pole was around when they were babies! Elle is able to capture the photo and wow they are beautiful.

Don’t Knock It Until You Try It

THE Pole was able to help capture some family fun with friends at a recent dinner party.  You can see HERE that the “Girl, Inbetweenied” busted out what some consider annoying Selfie Stick and found the fun!


I would love to walk into Gemma’s kitchen and take in the smells.  My mouth waters at the Roaster Jerk Coconut Chicken she recently posted about and the Spiced Rubbed Salmon is calling my name!  I was honored that Gemma was interested in receiving THE Pole to review and blog about the use.  You can see her review and her cute puppy but also please take a few minutes to browse her wonderful Caribbean recipes!